For any life-threatening emergencies, please call 911.

If this is a Maintenance Emergency, call 704.635.7773 and be as detailed as possible with the representative so that we can deploy the appropriate vendor/technician to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Do NOT submit a request through your portal for emergency maintenance.

Maintenance Emergencies are defined as follows: **Tenants are responsible for preventing any further damage from occurring, if possible**


An A/C system failure does not constitute an emergency. Every effort will be made to have it serviced as soon as possible.

If a tenant does not show for a scheduled maintenance appointment, they will be responsible for a trip charge assigned by the vendor.

If a tenant fails to report an obvious maintenance issue and damage occurs, the tenant may be responsible for the repair and/or damage.

Syndicate Management Group must authorize all repairs and/or maintenance that a tenant requests. Any unauthorized repairs will not be reimbursed. If any unauthorized alterations or repairs are done, the tenant will also be charged for labor and materials needed to get the alteration or repair area back to its intended condition.

For a non-emergency request, please click the button below to submit a request through your online tenant portal.

Maintenance Request