Owner FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked questions

  • Why should I hire you to manage my property?

    Because we are the one stop shop for property management! We will optimize your investment and create an income generating property while removing all of the headache and hassle that comes with managing the day-to-day yourself.
  • How soon can you start managing my property?

    We can start the process as early as today! Give us a call now to receive a property management proposal and initial assessment.
  • What services does your monthly management fee include?

    • Residential, Commercial and Multi-Family Leasing
    • Accounting Services
    • Property Bill Pay Services
    • Monthly Statements and Reports
    • Marketing/Advertising
    • Move-out Inspections
    • Lease Preparation
    • Rent Collection
    • 24 Hour Maintenance Contact Center
    • Maintenance/Work Order Management
    • Third Party Work Order Estimating and Scheduling
    • Security Deposit holding in Trust Account
    • Year-End Reporting
    • Direct Deposit and Auto Debiting
    • Full-Service Office
    • Tenant Screening
    • Eviction Paperwork and Court Hearing Appearances
    • Rental Comps and Property Analysis
  • Are your Property Managers licensed?

    Yes, all of our property managers are licensed to perform real estate and property management services in the state of North Carolina. Our property managers are also members of the National Association of Realtors, Union County Association of Realtors, and the Charlotte Commercial Board of Realtors.
  • Can you help in getting my property in “rent ready” condition?

    Yes, upon completion of a property management contract with you, we will conduct a thorough initial inspection of your property. Provide detailed feedback of suggested repairs and/or modifications to make your property rent ready. Upon your approval, we will then utilize both our in-house maintenance staff and robust list of trusted specialty vendors to get your investment to “rent ready” status.
  • How long will it take to rent my property?

    There is no guaranteed timeframe to rent a property, however, we make every effort to ensure a quick turnaround. We market and advertise our properties via the internet on multiple websites that are "Rental Home" specific and utilize yard signs and receive referrals from other Realtors and Property Managers. Pricing and condition of the property are vital to securing your next tenant in a timely manner.
    For commercial property owners we utilize multiple commercial listing platforms to advertise your property for lease.
  • Do you provide monthly statements and/or reports to owners?

    Yes, we can tailor your monthly owners packet to meet your needs. There are several reporting structures that we have put into place to assist you in any property analysis necessary.
  • Why is it required for me to have a reserve fund for my property?

    This is not a management related fee. Reserve funds are used to assure that any expense or bill arising in a given month gets paid in a timely manner.

    These expenses could be tied to maintenance needs, recurring expenses at the property, having utilities on during a vacant period etc.

    For anything that needs to be handled at your property, we have the resources available to have the service performed.

    If at some point you decide to move back in or sell your property and no longer need us to manage it, the monies in your Owner Escrow Account are disbursed back to you.

    Again this is not a fee, it is money we hold for owners so that vendors are paid on time. Our experience has shown that when a vendor is paid on time, they perform faster and do quality work for a great price. All of which leaves everyone involved much happier in the end.

    We can not use the tenant's security deposit to pay for any maintenance issues at the property. That is the tenant's money we hold in escrow until it is lawfully and properly disbursed to a party.

  • When and how will I receive my owner funds?

    Once rent has been paid and has cleared our bank account, we process all unpaid bills by the end of each month. Once the end of month process is complete, all owner funds will be dispersed between the last day of the current month and the 5th day of the following month. Your owner funds can be dispersed to you by direct deposit (preferred method) or by check.
  • Am I responsible for keeping the utilities on when there is no tenant?

    Yes, for the following reasons:
    • The property shows better and rents faster to potential tenants when all utilities and appliances are on and can present as functional and move-in ready.
    • Certain climate changes can have a negative impact on properties that are not being climate controlled. For example, higher temperatures can increase the temperature inside your property causing damage to furnishings, electrical issues, etc. While lower temperatures can cause plumbing pipes to burst amongst other issues impacting furnishings.
    • Utilities are also necessary while the property is vacant in order to complete any cleaning and/or repairs that need to take place in between tenants.
  • Can my property be inspected periodically?

    Yes, however, the frequency of these inspections depends on your property.
  • Do you get approval from me before beginning any maintenance work?

    Depending on the type of property you own, we will assign a maintenance limit and contact you for approval with any need that exceeds that amount.
  • How long does the eviction process typically take?

    On average the entire process of evictions takes from 30-60 days. The process starts once a late letter is sent and no payment is made towards that balance by the 20th of the month. Court hearing dates and tenant compliance affect the duration of the latter part of the process. Please contact us with any further detailed questions you may have about the eviction process.
  • How much do you collect as your management fee?

    This depends on the type of property we are managing for you. Contact us today for an immediate assessment of your rental property and property management proposal.
  • Should I allow pets in my property?

    We have pet fee and deposit options in place that help protect you from expenses due to potential damages made by pets.

    Also keep in mind that over half of the tenant base will own a pet. By placing pet restrictions on your property, this could result in longer vacancy times. We find that in most cases the loss in income from a longer vacancy is larger than those expenses tied to possible pet damages.

  • Who holds the tenants' security deposit?

    We hold all tenants Security Deposits in a separate trust account.
  • Is smoking allowed in any of your properties?

    As a policy, we do not allow smoking in any property managed by Syndicate Management Group.
  • How are tenants able to pay rent?

    Tenants can pay rent using a Money Order or Cashiers Check by mail. They can also make payments using a Credit Card or Bank Account through their online tenant portal.
  • How long of a lease do you sign?

    The lease terms depend on the type of property and tenant. Our residential leases are a minimum of 12 months for single and multi-family. Our commercial leases are written specific to the property and the lessee's business type.
  • How much will my property rent/lease for?

    Call us today for a FREE RENTAL ANALYSIS!